Colin Nguyen

Colin Nguyen

Colin Nguyen

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About my background.

-     Colin holds a BA degree in Economics & Finance from University of Washington and minor in Political Science.                     

-     (These factors have benefited my clients in many ways.  I have learned to integrate the knowledge of political and financial changes in the market place and  correlate how these factors could affect one of my clients greatest investments…their home.) 

 -     My background in Political Science and Law classes has helped me become an excellent negotiator for my clients as well as an effective communicator.

 -     7 years of work experience in the financial industry.  With 4 of it in the mortgage industry as a top producer at one of the best lending institutions in the country.

-     Founder of Phi Kappa Theta at University of Washington with national alumni such as Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft), ex President John F Kennedy, Ed Mcmahon and many other well known individuals.

 What makes me different from others?

-Cheerful and grateful attitude towards life. 

For anyone that has ever come across me.  I’m one of the most cheerful and optimistic individual in life. Why?  About 5 years ago, I lost my mom to breast cancer which has changed my life forever…  With this experience, I’ve learned to appreciate everything in my life from the meals that I have, to the people that I come across each day!

 In addition, I’ve realize that life is too short.  So whatever you do, give it your all and put 110% into it.  

-Driven mindset and inspired actions to back it up.

During a visit to an orphanage in Southeast Asia a few years back, I realized how fortunate we in this world.  My small donation of a few hundred dollars made it possible for 60 kids to have 3 meals a day for a whole month!  Like Tony Robins said “each of us has a moment in life where something happens that awakes the giant within us!”  From meeting these kids, I became inspired to make a difference in others.

In real estate, I’m able to take my passion to the next level!  Giving my clients the highest level of commitment and exceptional service is the standard.  What is more important is the lives that I am able to help change.     
















"Mary seems like a very good person and when I'm in the market Ill certainly give her a call"

  -Scott Mason, Friend

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